Meaning of unaptly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈaptli/


See unapt

‘It's probably raining as a callow youth of 18 makes his way down to Sunshine Records, the most unaptly named emporium in the history of anything or everything.’
  • ‘Hence the satyric drama is not unaptly called ‘a playful tragedy’, being both in form and materials the same as tragedy.’
  • ‘I left the school in the company of a pinch-faced biddy unaptly named Purdy; she had family near London, and would see me safely to Aunt Faith's before she went on her way.’
  • ‘Our soldiers called this place Destruction Bay, and not unaptly, [sic] as there we saw the great execution the enemy suffered on the 11th and 13th October.’
  • ‘By using jargons and such advanced literary figures of speech such as metaphors, one advertises his status, his know-how, to unsuspecting readers, even if he used it incorrectly or unaptly.’