Meaning of unaptness in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈaptnəs/


See unapt

‘They are likewise reproved and threatened for their dulness and stupidity, and unaptness to profit by the instructions which the prophets gave them in God's name.’
  • ‘If there be any thing of humanity, of an aptness to do good to others, or an unaptness to do them hurt or to take pleasure in their infelicities or miseries, there are so many specimens of goodness that are derived.’
  • ‘These Chemical Secrets will never be fingered by those slothful or sottish despisers of them, by reason of their indisposition and unaptness for Manual operation.’
  • ‘And for the unaptness of it to receive the Impression of spiritual Truths, tho the What and the How of religious Mysterys be out of Sight; yet that they are such, is sufficiently visible.’
  • ‘We did talk highly of Sir W. Batten's corruption, which Mr. Coventry did very kindly say that it might be only his heaviness and unaptness for business, that he do things without advice and rashly.’