Meaning of unarmed combat in English:

unarmed combat

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mass noun
  • A mode of combat in which weapons are not used.

    ‘They trained in the evening in such things as weapons handling, unarmed combat and basic sabotage.’
    • ‘The warrior monks of ancient China, forbidden to carry weapons, were feared because of their prowess in unarmed combat.’
    • ‘It was obviously choreographed but it was so exciting, all this fighting with swords and long spears, and very fast unarmed combat.’
    • ‘Three-to-five-week courses included field-craft, demolitions, small arms and submachine gun training, elementary Morse code, raiding tactics, and unarmed combat including silent killing.’
    • ‘Christ and his comrades were trained in unarmed combat, the art of killing enemies silently with knives, and using special strangulation cords.’
    • ‘He says they have all undergone military training as conscripts, receive further training in unarmed combat, and are ready to fight if necessary.’
    • ‘Soon, once they're big enough, I'll start teaching them unarmed combat.’
    • ‘But it won't be a bruising encounter - for tai chi is more about inner peace than unarmed combat.’
    • ‘I have learned armed and unarmed combat from professional killers paid by the British government.’
    • ‘Sessions will include workshops in unarmed combat and how to evade arrest.’
    • ‘During the raid, he single-handedly eliminated four enemy soldiers, one in unarmed combat, all while he was under intense automatic weapons fire and suffering from a crippling injury.’
    • ‘Your first lesson in the mornings will be unarmed combat, and your second will be armed combat.’
    • ‘The difference between bouts and sparring was that bouts were full armor and weapons, while sparring was unarmed combat with padded feet, hands, knees and elbows, plus head protection.’
    • ‘And many of their unarmed combat techniques are based on the movements of animals, such as cranes, snakes, and tigers.’
    • ‘No improvised resistance will be possible, unless experts in unarmed combat happen to be among the passengers.’
    • ‘I realised that the terrorists would not have needed any weapons at all if there were enough of them and they were skilled in unarmed combat.’
    • ‘At first he had been a mere novice, fetching and carrying for the fully-fledged monks, and learning the secrets of unarmed combat.’
    • ‘Eventually, the imitation evolved into a form of unarmed combat or martial arts, which is known as Kungfu.’
    • ‘This style emphasizes unarmed combat skills as well as training in the use of a variety of classical weapons such as the long sword, short sword, dagger, long staff, glaive, and sickle & chain to name a few.’
    • ‘The Tokyo Police Department Board, casting about for a system of unarmed combat with which to train their forces, sponsored a tournament between these two leading ryu to decide which to adopt.’