Meaning of unarranged in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈreɪn(d)ʒd/


  • 1Not placed in a neat, attractive, or required order.

    ‘she threw a bonnet over her unarranged hair’
    • ‘She ensures that not a speck of dust is found, not a bed is left unmade and not a flower remains unarranged.’
    • ‘The programme is implicitly inviting the reader to consider whether these apparently unarranged photographs are nevertheless as pre-arranged as the others.’
    • ‘Her face was careless and unarranged.’
    • ‘At first the seeds lay mingled without order; but nous set the unarranged matter into motion, and thereby created out of chaos an orderly world.’
    • ‘Wishlessness is a state of mind the content of which is to be relaxed, open, tolerant, unarranged, untidied, going-with-the-flow.’
  • 2Not organized or planned in advance.

    ‘fees on unarranged overdrafts’
    • ‘Although the 'unarranged' manner in which the fair proceeds is one of its unique attractions, to ensure its survival a formal committee would need to be established.’
    • ‘He was prone to the long-term unarranged borrowing of Paul's things.’
    • ‘This young girl on the cusp of an (apparently unarranged) marriage is suddenly spurned by her heroic fiancé.’
    • ‘Unarranged overdraft fees would be reduced from $15 to $10 per month.’
    • ‘The cameras are a useful tool for making sure there aren't parties or unarranged sleepovers while you are away.’
    • ‘Unarranged overdrafts cost 50p per day.’
    • ‘A customer can choose to opt for a payday loan and that is agreed borrowing, rather than unarranged borrowing.’
    • ‘The local doctor had a D Safari that he dropped off one day, unarranged, to have fixed.’
    • ‘It was almost like an unarranged weekly meeting time.’