Meaning of unartistic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnɑːˈtɪstɪk/


  • Not artistic or concerned with art.

    ‘When Raphael painted the Coronation of Charlemagne on the walls of the Vatican stanzas, was he being unartistic?’
    • ‘What kind of a message does this send out to the cretins who ruin the town with their pathetic unartistic scribbles?’
    • ‘It was the most unartistic house imaginable and there was a dreadful pergola that hung over the front door.’
    • ‘Although Gilbert and George are promoting a reassuringly pedestrian and unartistic view of art, Higgs and Noble nonetheless do them something of a disservice here.’
    • ‘I find that the speeches made by the Opposition are entirely negative, totally uncreative, and totally unartistic.’
    • ‘Flavin's great success, like his kindred artistic spirit Donald Judd, arises from the complex spatial awareness he creates with such industrial, apparently unartistic means.’
    • ‘In only three terms they have proven that one of the most notoriously unartistic faculties has what it takes to stage consistently entertaining theatre.’
    • ‘I'm completely unartistic, but doing it in the semi-dark means I can let go of my self-consciousness long enough to have fun.’
    • ‘Saying magical thinking is unscientific is as much of an error as discounting science as unartistic.’
    uninspired, uninventive, unoriginal, uncreative, unartistic, commonplace, pedestrian, mundane, matter-of-fact, ordinary, usual, routine, humdrum, prosaic, workaday, run of the mill, vanilla, plain vanilla