Meaning of unassailably in English:



See unassailable

‘Life Insurance Corporation of India's outstanding claims ratio of 0.6 per cent, one of the world's lowest, has created an unassailably tough act for the new generation private life insurers to follow.’
  • ‘She briefly and subtly allows the sheen of fairytale loveliness to diminish from the impression of her years with Vikram, though his devotion as the supportive yet independent husband of a star comes through unassailably.’
  • ‘Wales becomes precisely what James was not: a man driven by an instinctual notion of right and wrong, fighting to avenge an unassailably atrocious deed.’
  • ‘Try of the afternoon came from David Whitehouse, who ran 75 metres to put his team unassailably ahead 13 minutes before time.’
  • ‘I had always assumed that as a ‘safe’ Thomist, and a Neo-Scholastic, Maritain enjoyed an unassailably secure position of favor and respect in Rome.’