Meaning of unassertive in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈsəːtɪv/

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  • (of a person) not having or showing a confident and forceful personality.

    ‘his bland and unassertive personal style’
    • ‘she was gentle and unassertive’
    • ‘One possible explanation would be that workers are not assigned to jobs randomly, but that managerial positions are given primarily to assertive people, whereas subordinate jobs are given primarily to unassertive people.’
    • ‘Regarding anger management, Ms. L. describes herself as a very meek and unassertive person who has difficulty standing up for herself, even when assertiveness may be warranted.’
    • ‘Imprisoned by an English embarrassment, I was unassertive in my twenties, and so my friend was not called upon to explain the anomalies.’
    • ‘The former is as useful for unassertive men in the material world as it is for women.’
    • ‘I could never portray anybody mousy or unassertive, or that typical starlet persona.’
    • ‘She is warlike and aggressive, not submissive and unassertive.’
    • ‘Early days yet, but so far Franks - he's the allegedly brainy one - has been a noticeably hesitant, unassertive presence, and on performance to date, he would be first in line to get voted off the island.’
    • ‘Burt is of average height and unassertive demeanour, a strange mixture of the predatory and the conservative.’
    • ‘At Ballydoyle in Tipperary two months before Cheltenham, O'Brien, who was habitually unassertive about his horses, ran a hand across Istabraq's flank and told me quietly: ‘He'll blow them away.’’
    • ‘Generally unassertive in a meandering current affairs debate and seemingly exasperated at having to read the Sunday papers ‘so fast’, at times he seemed overwhelmed.’
    • ‘Delivered by an unassertive voice-over that barely rises above an ambient whisper, it's the perfect accompaniment to an ad that is as pedestrian as they come.’
    • ‘He was introspective yet endearing, single-minded yet unassertive.’
    • ‘These are only descriptions of unpleasant, unassertive, dishonest, or unprofessional attitudes.’
    • ‘According to Ellis, the woman who persisted in being shy and unassertive was committing social and sexual ‘suicide’.’
    • ‘Extroverts tend to be more optimistic, positive, energetic and confident when compared with introverts, who are likely to be more passive, reserved, compliant, unassertive and unadventurous.’
    • ‘Though Ruth Wilcox is often unassertive and seemingly reduced to subaltern status, she nevertheless exerts a subtle authority over her family, even over the obtuse Henry and the brutal Charles.’
    • ‘I had always thought of this boy as unassertive and bookish.’
    • ‘She was known to be shy and for the most part, unassertive.’
    • ‘Extraversion results were moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.’
    • ‘Sandler plays his usual emasculated man-boy, this time as an unassertive executive assistant named Dave Buznik.’
    passive, retiring, submissive, unassuming, self-effacing, modest, humble, meek, unconfident, unforthcoming, diffident, shy, timid, timorous, shrinking, hesitant, insecure, unsure
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