Meaning of unassertively in English:



See unassertive

‘As often in his writing, Pater introduces a point of major significance so quietly and unassertively that it slips past the reader's guard.’
  • ‘If she speaks unassertively, she appears to intrude in an ‘inappropriate’ style.’
  • ‘The best wear is often that which isn't readily noticed but rather contributes unassertively to the overall worn styling of a piece.’
  • ‘Mr. Peacock's walking bass lines landed unassertively in all the right places, and his solos modestly crooned pizzicato melodies as Mr. Jarrett hung chords above them like Japanese lanterns.’
  • ‘Sergey Ostrovsky is the ‘leader’ but he does so, if he does, unassertively, so that attention is often directed upon the others who all bring their personalities to interact with the composers.’