Meaning of unassociated in English:



  • Not connected or associated.

    ‘the issue is being raised by thousands of unassociated individuals’
    • ‘Seventy-one of the monitored patients were treated with glucocorticoids, associated or unassociated with azathioprine or cyclophosphamide, and the remaining 39 patients were untreated.’
    • ‘A broad panel of 14 tumor suppressor genes, both associated and unassociated with neoplasia, were selected for microdissection-based genotyping.’
    • ‘He or she may be long gone and therefore unassociated with the demise of the victim; alternatively, time to create the impression of chronic illness can deceive the physician.’
    • ‘I have a feeling that my inability to read has been as much tied to not having somewhere unassociated with unpleasant memories to sit as it has been with anything more obscure.’
    • ‘And the pain, or, she allowed, possibly something entirely unassociated with it, made her feel as though she wanted to cry.’
    • ‘It's quite easy for previously unassociated people to organize themselves for political action.’
    • ‘It was also some thinking there might be some unassociated local insurgent groups involved.’
    • ‘He can memorise in a jiffy series of unassociated names listed by number and recall them by number and vice-versa.’
    • ‘This view is consistent with the general findings that mitotic recombination events, contrary to meiotic events, are mainly unassociated with crossing over.’
    • ‘Those abilities included picture naming, verbal fluency, vocabulary comprehension, visual memory, and the learning of unassociated word pairs.’
    • ‘The other two thirds of these cases are unassociated with asthma and have sparse eosinophils.’
    • ‘A right bronchial artery may arise from the aorta unassociated with an intercostal artery.’
    • ‘A limited sample of wood from Sand Prairie phase structures indicates that red cedar was used for construction unassociated with ritual precincts or mound centers.’
    • ‘Evolution doesn't stand or fall on those unassociated wrong beliefs, just as creation doesn't stand or fall on someone's belief in a flat earth.’
    • ‘And so, when word came that Disney was going to do an event, even an unassociated off-campus event, there was reason for joy.’
    • ‘Cluedo mixes a variety of seemingly unassociated elements into an elegant but simple game.’
    • ‘Primary extranodal Hodgkin disease unassociated with lymphatic tissue is extremely rare.’
    • ‘Why were my beliefs not as valid because I was young and unassociated with a coven or tradition or hereditary line?’
    • ‘Leydig cell tumors may also be silent, unassociated with endocrine changes.’
    • ‘It was developed as a private project and is unassociated with an academic department of pathology.’
    discrete, separate, individual, different, unconnected, unassociated, detached



/ʌnəˈsəʊʃɪeɪtɪd/ /ʌnəˈsəʊsɪeɪtɪd/