Meaning of unassumingness in English:



See unassuming

‘This stood out: for its idiosyncrasy and scrupulousness, for its thoughtful rebellion against unthinking unassumingness.’
  • ‘Cornelius slightly raises his brows and makes his son a little bow - indicative of the unassumingness and self-abnegation that befits his age.’
  • ‘The Puffy Chair would never presume so much, and it's in that unassumingness that this little charmer wins your heart, even as it's breaking it.’
  • ‘Interpersonally, presumptuousness has to do with higher relative status, knowing the other, or assuming that one is important to the other, whereas unassumingness has to do with lower status and deference.’
  • ‘The extraordinary modesty and unassumingness which Darwin showed on the subject of the publication of the most important of his writings displayed itself also on all hands in his extensive correspondence.’