Meaning of unatoned in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈtəʊnd/


  • Not atoned for.

    ‘A wrong unrepented of and unatoned gathers interest.’
    • ‘And preoccupation with the unatoned murder of his grandfather was the beginning of his quest for his own origin.’
    • ‘There is no end to the crimes they committed against us - crimes that remain unacknowledged and unatoned to this day.’
    • ‘I must bear the cross of unatoned debt.’
    • ‘And somewhere across the highway, where our sins lie unatoned, our need to be justified meets our need to be free.’
    • ‘Moreover, given the unatoned crimes and continuing discrimination, the greater portion of this sorely afflicted minority decided to emigrate to Germany.’
    • ‘As the Stasi crimes remain largely unatoned in legal terms, they believe it is time to rehabilitate them politically as well.’
    • ‘Ye may know, too, that he is a man, for he has had sons by his wife, and few of our kinsfolk have fallen unatoned by our house, so that we have not had vengeance for them.’
    • ‘A theme worth considering could be ‘Who bears responsibility for the unatoned holocaust of the expulsion?’’
    • ‘Note the biblical references ‘my father's house’ and ‘our sins lie unatoned.’’
    • ‘Both concern marriage attained through unatoned sin, maintained despite suspicion and recrimination, resolved at last by death.’
    • ‘If you can quote where I said that the action performed by the priest atoned for apparently previously unatoned sins, please do so.’
    • ‘Hallgerda often put him in mind of it, and kept saying that Sigmund had fallen unatoned.’
    • ‘Istanbul is inscribed on the map of unatoned crimes, closer to Raskolnikov's Petersburg than to Woody Allen's London in ‘Matchpoint’.’
    • ‘The Lords of Karma with their faithful diligence and sense of direction neither leave any good action uncompensated nor any bad action unatoned.’