Meaning of unattached in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəˈtatʃt/

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  • 1Not working for or belonging to a particular body or organization.

    ‘local people unattached to any organization’
    • ‘When his contract expired on 30 June, he was not only unattached to a club, but unaffiliated to the FA and ineligible to play for the national team.’
    • ‘The English soccer team is the only one unattached to a nation state.’
    • ‘Men were either unattached to the labor market, unemployed, or underemployed in part-time service sector jobs.’
    • ‘Four minutes behind them in third place was Helm Hill's Simon Milligan who last year suffered a severe mouth injury when he took a tumble on Coniston Old Man and unattached athlete Paul O'Reilly.’
    unaffiliated, unallied, uncommitted
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  • 2Not married or having an established partner; single.

    ‘she began to wonder if he was unattached’
    • ‘As the unattached singleton with married mates there is a tendency to lament the demise of your once action-packed social life.’
    • ‘Obviously, the Taj group of hotels, arranging the vacation doesn't consider unattached 20-somethings single; they still have time to be un-single on their own.’
    • ‘But this one is about the bitter-sweet pangs and joys of being single and unattached!’
    • ‘He was currently single and relatively unattached.’
    • ‘His parents from Guangdong and Hong Kong, being traditional Chinese who are well advanced in years, believe him to be single and unattached.’
    • ‘But being single and unattached isn't the answer, either, because of the associated loneliness and isolation.’
    • ‘While eating his fruit-cup he became surrounded by pleasant talk exploding from the young couples and unattached singles at the table.’
    • ‘A recent Thursday night at the Grotto in San Marco found the place full of attractive, unattached single women.’
    • ‘When it comes to gender and unattached singles, is there a level playing field?’
    • ‘After all, all this while, his single and unattached marital status has added to his charm in no small way.’
    • ‘Last but not least, unmarried, unattached, and completely available is quite attractive too!’
    • ‘Jamie seems like yet another uptight Catholic, unmarried and unattached, unable to practice his mother's religion but unable to forget it.’
    • ‘My reply… ‘I wouldn't say I'm single, but yeah, I'm unattached.’’
    • ‘Oh… and to all you unattached ladies… both Mike and Paul are single…’
    • ‘It wouldn't be embarrassing; just a little drinks thing to set up Sara, an unattached girlfriend, and a single, scarily attractive psychiatrist I'd met at a party and didn't want to go to waste.’
    • ‘He was unmarried and unattached, and had no children.’
    • ‘This could a time when you meet your ideal match, assuming you are unattached or want to change partners.’
    • ‘If you are unattached, an introduction could unearth a warm and loving partner.’
    • ‘Celebrities such as George Clooney, Geri Halliwell and Russell Crowe have expounded the benefits of the single life - yet many singletons still feel there is a stigma attached to being unattached.’
    • ‘Finally, Edie is the predatory singleton who mops up any unattached man who strays into Wisteria Lane.’
    unmarried, single, unwed, unwedded
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