Meaning of unattainably in English:



See unattainable

‘The end of things and their principles are unattainably hidden from him in impenetrable secrecy.’
  • ‘It even allows Pentium Extreme Edition 955 to outperform Athlon 64 X2 4800 +, which has always been unattainably fast for Intel dual-core processors.’
  • ‘The performance level set by the competitor's Athlon 64 solutions turned out unattainably high for the new Intel Prescott, therefore, these CPUs were steadily regarded as Intel's big failure.’
  • ‘Indeed, a typical permeation rate for the KscA channel of one ion per 100 ns would require unattainably long simulations.’
  • ‘By the time you are old enough to visit the place, your expectations of it are unattainably high.’