Meaning of unattractively in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnəˈtraktɪvli/


See unattractive

‘The project would bring back to vibrant life 300 acres of brownfield land at the unattractively named Pithouse West site, which neighbours the borough's award-winning Rother Valley Country Park.’
  • ‘But an hour and a half of loser superheroes gimping around in unattractively tight costumes is certainly transfixing even if it isn't entertainment.’
  • ‘It grows to about 60 cm high, and is best raised annually from seed or cuttings as it soon starts to straggle and look unattractively untidy.’
  • ‘The Orangery restaurant is not as gorgeous as the rest of the house, partly because it is in a modern extension, but mainly because it is unattractively lit.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, she is also quite unattractively photographed at times and needs to have a stern word with the cameraman.’