Meaning of unaudited in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɔːdɪtɪd/


  • (of financial accounts) not having been officially examined.

    ‘an unaudited figure’
    • ‘the results are estimated and unaudited’
    • ‘It is very unusual to take over a company on the basis of unaudited accounts.’
    • ‘The unaudited accounts say it has total assets of almost $36m.’
    • ‘Namibia Breweries Ltd, released its unaudited financial results for the first half of this year, up to July, this week.’
    • ‘One solution is for funds to produce two sets of books: consolidated accounts and unaudited results showing detailed returns from an equity fund's investments and disposals.’
    • ‘The group recently issued a complaint against the owners of Ireland on Sunday, accusing the rival publication of using unaudited figures to inflate sales.’
    • ‘The Daily Star, already a winner, is up 12 per cent in London, on the basis of unaudited figures.’
    • ‘Since then Crean has published a trading statement with unaudited final figures.’
    • ‘In its filing, the company puts unaudited pro-forma revenue in the first nine months of this year at $3.9 billion, up from $3.7 billion in the comparable period a year earlier.’
    • ‘Those are actively purchased sales, not spurious, unaudited figures of papers dumped in corners, ignored or, at best, flicked through.’
    • ‘It should be pointed out that the figures are unaudited.’
    • ‘But one year later, in unaudited results for the year 2000, Akai took a loss for the entire $38.5 million it invested.’
    • ‘The co-op offers packages grouped according to ethnicity, borough and frequency, and verifies unaudited circulations.’
    • ‘Many companies have nevertheless broken those costs out in their unaudited press releases.’
    • ‘On that date the consolidated unaudited balance sheet of the Applicant showed a negative shareholder's equity of on total assets of $103 million.’
    • ‘However, Armentrout says unaudited figures show that organizers spent about $1.9 million and owe approximately $965,000 to a variety of creditors.’
    • ‘It is understood Woolworths' analysis of ALH's unaudited figures will show the pub company missed its prospectus forecast in relation to gaming and on-premise liquor revenue.’
    • ‘At its peak, in 1976, Ms. had a circulation of 500,000; it now limps along at an unaudited figure of around 110,000.’
    • ‘For the first half, profit was NT $4.64 billion, based on unaudited figures, the company said in a statement today.’
    • ‘For the first half, profit was about NT $17.9 billion, based on unaudited figures, Lee said.’
    • ‘Mega Financial yesterday also reported a 6.5 percent drop in first-quarter unaudited profit from a year earlier to NT $5.06 billion, the company said in a filing to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.’