Meaning of unavoidability in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnəvɔɪdəˈbɪlɪti/


See unavoidable

‘Inevitability means unavoidability, and if you think about what avoiding means, then you realize that in a deterministic world there's lots of avoidance.’
  • ‘This leads me to believe that there is a certain amount of preference involved in being homosexual and it is not the unconditional unavoidability that homosexuals suggest.’
  • ‘Williams has a comparable interrogative edge, a sense of the difficulty of doing justice to the complexity and sheer intractability of reality, and of the unavoidability of tragedy, conflict and fragmentariness.’
  • ‘What would, on any basis, be contentious would be the further contents of the Defendants' basket, namely the avoidability or unavoidability of the danger, and the availability or unavailability of alternatives.’
  • ‘The third basic point is the unavoidability of taking personal responsibility for one's judgements, decisions, and actions.’