Meaning of unban in English:


verbunbans, unbanning, unbanned

[with object]
  • Remove a ban on (a person, group, or activity)

    ‘the government has got to unban these organizations’
    as noun unbanning ‘he announced the unbanning of opposition groups’
    ‘the unbanning of foreign investment has taken place’
    • ‘Black political organizations were unbanned in February, the ANC leader Nelson Mandela was released from jail, and in March the Ciskei homeland government collapsed.’
    • ‘A year later, in February 1990, the South African government released Nelson Mandela and unbanned the African National Congress and the other liberation movements in South Africa.’
    • ‘In 1990 the ANC was unbanned, Nelson Mandela freed and the country set on a path towards democratic government.’
    • ‘After all, the ANC had been unbanned for more than a year and talks between the two sides were well under way.’
    • ‘We must unban the African National Congress, the Communist Party, Nkuda Wasusi, the PAC.’
    • ‘Leaders of the African National Congress, unbanned by President FW de Klerk, were still in exile.’
    • ‘So when political organisations were unbanned in 1990, I joined the ANC and was elected the first provincial president of the ANC Women's League.’
    • ‘Of these, 5 695 happened between 1990 and 1994-between the time President FW de Klerk unbanned the liberation movements and the first democratic elections.’
    • ‘People should note that the democratic process in the country did not stop in 1990 when political organisations were unbanned or with the 1994 elections, Holomisa said.’
    • ‘Perhaps he'll be unbanned now, although we doubt it.’
    • ‘Even if you remove the mod chip, he said, your machine cannot be unbanned, as it's Microsoft's belief that it can never be seen as trustworthy again.’
    • ‘On Network Nine's Sunday program on June 16 he unbanned him under tough questioning.’
    • ‘If you feel you've been banned unfairly, just drop me a note and if you promise to keep the debate at a more elevated level, I'll be happy to unban you.’
    • ‘If anyone else is having trouble posting messages let me know, and I'll unban some of the ip addresses.’
    • ‘Banned or unbanned, members of the banned parties know one another, they can meet anywhere.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, many contaminants remain unbanned, and an average of seven new chemicals are put on the market daily, most of them not tested for toxicity.’
    • ‘And why should Reg readers have to actively seek permission from their IT departments to have us unbanned?’
    • ‘He rejoined the ANC after its unbanning and in 1994 became one of the party's senators in the then-upper house of the new democratic Parliament alongside the late Govan Mbeki in 1994.’
    • ‘Certainly the unbanning of the ANC was not anticipated.’
    • ‘And to make the fifth major point banning GM crops and unbanning vitamin supplements is basically a joke.’