Meaning of unban in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈban/

verbverb unbans, verb unbanning, verb unbanned

[with object]
  • Remove a ban on (a person, group, or activity)

    ‘they have got to unban these organizations’
    • ‘he announced the unbanning of opposition groups’
    • ‘the unbanning of foreign investment has taken place’
    • ‘Black political organizations were unbanned in February, the ANC leader Nelson Mandela was released from jail, and in March the Ciskei homeland government collapsed.’
    • ‘A year later, in February 1990, the South African government released Nelson Mandela and unbanned the African National Congress and the other liberation movements in South Africa.’
    • ‘In 1990 the ANC was unbanned, Nelson Mandela freed and the country set on a path towards democratic government.’
    • ‘After all, the ANC had been unbanned for more than a year and talks between the two sides were well under way.’
    • ‘We must unban the African National Congress, the Communist Party, Nkuda Wasusi, the PAC.’
    • ‘Leaders of the African National Congress, unbanned by President FW de Klerk, were still in exile.’
    • ‘So when political organisations were unbanned in 1990, I joined the ANC and was elected the first provincial president of the ANC Women's League.’
    • ‘Of these, 5 695 happened between 1990 and 1994-between the time President FW de Klerk unbanned the liberation movements and the first democratic elections.’
    • ‘People should note that the democratic process in the country did not stop in 1990 when political organisations were unbanned or with the 1994 elections, Holomisa said.’
    • ‘Perhaps he'll be unbanned now, although we doubt it.’
    • ‘Even if you remove the mod chip, he said, your machine cannot be unbanned, as it's Microsoft's belief that it can never be seen as trustworthy again.’
    • ‘On Network Nine's Sunday program on June 16 he unbanned him under tough questioning.’
    • ‘If you feel you've been banned unfairly, just drop me a note and if you promise to keep the debate at a more elevated level, I'll be happy to unban you.’
    • ‘If anyone else is having trouble posting messages let me know, and I'll unban some of the ip addresses.’
    • ‘Banned or unbanned, members of the banned parties know one another, they can meet anywhere.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, many contaminants remain unbanned, and an average of seven new chemicals are put on the market daily, most of them not tested for toxicity.’
    • ‘And why should Reg readers have to actively seek permission from their IT departments to have us unbanned?’
    • ‘He rejoined the ANC after its unbanning and in 1994 became one of the party's senators in the then-upper house of the new democratic Parliament alongside the late Govan Mbeki in 1994.’
    • ‘Certainly the unbanning of the ANC was not anticipated.’
    • ‘And to make the fifth major point banning GM crops and unbanning vitamin supplements is basically a joke.’