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Pronunciation /ʌnˈbiːtəb(ə)l/

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  • 1Not able to be defeated or bettered in a contest or commercial market.

    ‘the team is unbeatable’
    • ‘bikes at unbeatable prices’
    • ‘Of course, some people shop farmers' markets for the unbeatable prices.’
    • ‘They are unbeatable on the world market, because they are guaranteed to recover their investments.’
    • ‘We are pleased to announce that both the end of season and play off DVD's are both now in stock at the unbeatable price of £19.99.’
    • ‘In the first, Louis, who was unbeaten in 27 contests, was the coming force, considered unbeatable.’
    • ‘He was impregnable, unbeatable, nothing, no creature could even come close to conquering the mighty Kong.’
    • ‘You feel like you just won a race or a competition; you feel strong, powerful and unbeatable.’
    • ‘Here are the five questions that will determine which unbeatable squad finally gets beaten.’
    • ‘The lesson being that they need to get stronger as well, instead of thinking they are unbeatable and then get beat.’
    • ‘And finally, for sheer value we thought the £8 for two menu at Casa in Bridge Street, York, was unbeatable.’
    • ‘They refuse to see him as anything less than an unbeatable force, a pure, supernatural tide of destruction targeted from time to time by some occult conspiracy.’
    • ‘With a unified approach they would be almost unbeatable.’
    • ‘The 11-year-old was simply unbeatable, showing his versatility by winning everything.’
    • ‘With them on Britain's side, we would be unbeatable.’
    • ‘On top of this an inspired set of performances from Marian Povey in the over-40 category in all seven races made Dartford unbeatable.’
    • ‘They operate an unbeatable rate with discounts for families.’
    • ‘What is also likely to follow is that the motor car industry, which has been hit by a downturn in Germany and a glut of new cars, might also be joining in with unbeatable offers.’
    • ‘The cause seemed lost as the visitors rocketed into an unbeatable 4-lead.’
    • ‘At No. 1 Lee Read impressively powered his way to a 2-lead and looked unbeatable.’
    • ‘The day, however, belonged to Portlaoise as they turned in an unbeatable team display that Castletown had no answer to.’
    • ‘Back then England were steamrollering sides and we were told that they were unbeatable, especially as we were playing them at Twickenham.’
    invincible, unstoppable, unassailable, indomitable, unconquerable, invulnerable, unsurpassable, unsurpassed, matchless, unmatched, peerless
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    1. 1.1Extremely good; outstanding.
      ‘views from the patio are unbeatable’
      • ‘And yet there is supreme quality in unbeatable Illy coffee.’
      • ‘None of them were very well done, but the thrill of being able to make programs myself was unbeatable.’
      • ‘Arrogance is an unbeatable antidote to common sense and reality.’
      • ‘My maki appetizer was a roll of one my favourites, kamikaze, with its unbeatable tempura, avocado, salmon and hot sauce combo.’
      • ‘The journey into the city is unbeatable, travelling by ferry along the Grand Canal and berthing in the historic centre, near St Mark's Square.’
      • ‘As for the evening meal, we must have the best fish and chip shops anywhere - with an accompanying panorama across the bay that is unbeatable.’
      • ‘The film stars the unbeatable Anita Mui and Sammi Cheng and proved a massive box-office success in its native Hong Kong.’
      • ‘Nestling on the beach, with unbeatable views out to sea, the restaurant is only a short step from the main promenade, but is mostly hidden until you get up close.’
      • ‘Both beautiful and terrifying, the film combines Shakespeare with Kurosawa's unbeatable direction.’
      • ‘The location is unbeatable, and the hospitality's good.’
      • ‘The view across the bay is, I heartily agree, unbeatable.’
      • ‘Add the incredible natural beauty of the province where we live to my unfair generalisation, and Vancouver seems unbeatable.’
      • ‘This is the sort of food people fight over, a reminder of how Italian pasta dishes, when rendered as they ought to be, are unbeatable in the satisfaction stakes.’
      • ‘It is an unbeatable combination for lifting the spirits.’
      • ‘But the twelve months a year availability of the forest is just unbeatable.’
      • ‘And The Manchurian Candidate is of course just unbeatable.’
      • ‘Three of them (fans will know which) are unbeatable classics in the field.’
      • ‘If that's not enough for the more demanding customer, the stunning and perhaps unbeatable view of Sofia makes it well worth a visit.’
      • ‘At the nation's leading quality broadsheet we are pleased so many discerning buyers agree we produce an unbeatable package every weekend.’
      • ‘But you can't get away from the fact that the unbeatable thrill of live music and live performance is not something that can be done on the cheap.’