Meaning of unbeautifully in English:



See unbeautiful

‘Working the jaws incessantly, uselessly and unbeautifully is an effort to deceive the body into the belief that it is being sufficiently well fed when it isn't.’
  • ‘The curls of her bang, the feathers in her hat, the high collar of her jacket make more significant the fact that her lines are not artistic and that her face is unbeautifully round.’
  • ‘If only she had had to play genuinely quietly, or without vibrato, or (heaven forfend) unbeautifully!’
  • ‘This view was recently captured by the orbiting Hubble, and is called, unbeautifully, NGC290.’
  • ‘Too many web developers get caught up with either designing for the sake of designing, or solving problems unbeautifully.’