Meaning of unbecomingness in English:



See unbecoming

‘And for the same reason, the unbecomingness of that which is hated is felt more keenly than the becomingness of that which is loved.’
  • ‘She deliberated the possible unbecomingness of her conduct no further.’
  • ‘At this hour all will suspend or interrupt whatever they are doing if they can do so without unbecomingness.’
  • ‘The unbecomingness and the charlatanism of an author's going around the country reading from the proofs of a book he is about to publish are degrading to literature.’
  • ‘Both of these, however, may be referred to the words which may happen to be sinful, either by reason of excess which belongs to ‘loquaciousness’, or by reason of unbecomingness, which belongs to ‘scurrility’.’