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Pronunciation /ʌnbɪˈliːf/

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mass noun
  • Lack of religious belief; an absence of faith.

    ‘the darkness of unbelief’
    • ‘the distinction between doubt and unbelief is valid and useful’
    • ‘His presence or absence is in belief or unbelief, and each of the two, once acquired, will necessarily be affirmed by all observations.’
    • ‘Not only did Thomas go from unbelief to belief; he went from isolation to community.’
    • ‘Belief and unbelief, so important to the intellectual posturing of modern existence, are innocuous, vacuous terms.’
    • ‘He promised a saviour who would carry the sin, selfishness, unbelief, disease, grief, sorrow and fear of death on Himself and Destroy that fear, for Good.’
    • ‘Clearly, a measured discussion of the relationship between churches, belief and unbelief, and public life is in order.’
    • ‘Naturally there are consequences to both belief and unbelief.’
    • ‘It is also deftly poised on the border between belief and unbelief.’
    • ‘The issue is whether the judgments of belief should appear as condemnations of other beliefs or of unbelief.’
    • ‘James has in a sense opened up to view an important part of the struggle between belief and unbelief in modern culture.’
    • ‘In adopting this stance one concedes that the rightness or propriety of belief and unbelief depends upon the outcome of a certain inquiry.’
    • ‘Every age is one of belief and unbelief but our own century has been characterised by restlessness and uncertainty.’
    • ‘Hindrances to revival were sloth, unbelief, lack of discipline and a spirit of controversy.’
    • ‘May none of us allow fear, unbelief, or doubt to keep us from the desert!’
    • ‘Why be overawed by the task, or cowed by the abounding unbelief and false religion of our day?’
    • ‘He told me that during the talk I had literally hammered nails into the coffin of his unbelief in God - and into the coffin of his belief in evolution.’
    • ‘Why not go to Christ this very day, and cast your soul on him, with all its sins and all its unbelief, with all its doubts and all its fears?’
    • ‘In the conflict over assisted suicide, the adversaries are not religion and unbelief but the community versus the individual.’
    • ‘He is the divine healer who wants us to receive the greatest healing of all: freedom from unbelief and mistrust in his goodness and his perfect plan.’
    • ‘He did rebuke them but it was usually for unbelief and pride.’
    • ‘Instead of an eager, grateful welcome, the people greeted Jesus with indifference and unbelief.’
    atheism, non-belief, agnosticism, heresy, apostasy, irreligion, heathenism, godlessness, nihilism, lack of faith
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