Meaning of unbelievably in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnbɪˈliːvəbli/

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  • 1as submodifier To a great degree; extremely.

    ‘the show went unbelievably well’
    • ‘I feel unbelievably tired’
    • ‘He is also an intensely angry, unbelievably evil man.’
    • ‘Now over 60 years old, the movie still looks unbelievably good.’
    • ‘One lingering shot of his unbelievably expressive face is enough.’
    • ‘The statement bears repeating because it's so unbelievably stupid.’
    • ‘I make absolutely no apology for enthusing about the trip, which was even more successful, unbelievably so, than the first.’
  • 2sentence adverb Used to introduce a statement that is hard to believe.

    ‘unbelievably, all this is yours for 50p’
    • ‘He was submerged in the water of the Dalton swimming pool where, unbelievably, he stayed for an hour.’
    • ‘Those people, unbelievably, are also losing weight.’
    • ‘Unbelievably, one of the most gifted players in history, Di Stefano never participated in a World Cup.’
    • ‘I stopped dead in my tracks as, unbelievably, two artist friends' works had been ripped off at once.’
    • ‘The album is now getting (unbelievably) its first unveiling in North America.’