Meaning of unbelted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbɛltɪd/


  • 1(of a garment) without a belt.

    ‘He was wearing white and blue silk robes, which were unbelted.’
    • ‘His shirt was untucked and unbelted, and hung open at the chest.’
    • ‘It was only now that Maple realized Doriel could probably see right up her unbelted shift.’
  • 2Not wearing a belt, in particular a vehicle seat belt.

    ‘Among adult drivers who were belted, 22% of the children in the same vehicle were unbelted.’
    • ‘These results from a US cohort of more than 150 000 car occupants during collisions are consistent with the hypothesis that unbelted car occupants become projectiles within a vehicle on collision.’
    • ‘The relative risk of death for drivers who were belted, compared with unbelted drivers, was 0.35.’
    • ‘Sergt Lenehan said there was a new awareness and emphasis on the need for safety belts and where the Gardai once issued cautions to unbelted drivers they were now adopting a tougher line.’
    • ‘In a crash, an unbelted passenger can be thrown forward with the equivalent weight of a baby elephant and injure the occupants in the front.’
    • ‘Each year in the UK up to 15 front-seat passengers are killed by the impact from an unbelted rear-seat passenger being thrown forward with a force of up to 60 times their own body weight even at a mere 30 mph.’
    • ‘Callum is particularly frustrated by US laws to protect unbelted occupants, which he says forced him to raise the XK's header by about 1in more than he had intended.’
    • ‘When set in motion, it effectively jettisons its unbelted riders - a family of padded dummies - out its windows.’
    • ‘Overall, 40% of children were unbelted.’
    • ‘A 10% increase in speed of collision results in an increase of approximately 45% in case fatality in unbelted and belted occupants.’
    • ‘Unbelievably (for we are talking Sweden), the Saab driver was unbelted, but as she was hit from the side, it was stated that it would not have made any difference in this situation, anyway.’
    • ‘The 34 percent effectiveness cited by Don Sellers is for the type of crash in which airbag effectiveness is greatest, namely center-front impacts by illegally unbelted drivers.’
    • ‘Even in a 30 mph crash, an unbelted rear passenger is flung forward with a force equivalent to two tonnes, quite capable of killing a front seat passenger who might otherwise have survived the initial impact.’
    • ‘‘Hurt neck in road traffic accident’ is not good enough since such a history could be obtained from a patient involved in a minor rear end collision or from the unbelted occupant of a car that has rolled over.’
    • ‘An unbelted occupant and everything inside the car not secured will continue to travel at 50 MPH until something stops it, or redirects it in a different direction.’
    • ‘A high-collapse load setting is used for a large, unbelted driver in a severe collision, while the collapse load is lowered for a small, belted driver in a minor accident.’
    • ‘However, since unbelted passengers are the most common fatalities perhaps more people need to be informed about proper safety procedures when driving.’
    • ‘The risk of death in front-seat occupants increase fivefold when unbelted rear-seat passengers are thrown forward.’
    • ‘Almost half of the 50 Marines killed in private auto mobile accidents in fiscal year 2002 were unbelted.’
    • ‘Belted occupants sustain an impact from the unbelted person next to them.’