Meaning of unbiblical in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbɪblɪk(ə)l/


  • Not found in, authorized by, or based on the Bible.

    ‘his contention that racial separation is unbiblical and immoral’
    • ‘One or two statements appear to take Calvinism to unbiblical extremes, but these do not compromise the overall exposition.’
    • ‘This has had a permanent and detrimental effect upon British and American Evangelicalism, and has undergirded a whole range of unbiblical holiness and perfectionist teachings ever since Wesley's day.’
    • ‘The British Evangelical Council, first formed in 1952 as an Evangelical response to unbiblical ecumenism, is now known as ‘Affinity’.’
    • ‘The Augustinian monk had come to the correct conclusion that the entire scheme, including penance, was unbiblical.’
    • ‘It is sad to see him using this site to present his unbiblical views.’
    • ‘What if a person was an unbeliever when he got divorced and it was for an unbiblical reason and later became a Christian?’
    • ‘But Wilkinson thinks we're just being priggish and unbiblical; God actually has blessings stacked up for us in heaven that tragically go ungiven if we fail to ask for them.’
    • ‘For a director who has been so outspoken about his film's historical and scriptural authenticity, Gibson's vision of children is profoundly unbiblical.’
    • ‘The debt they owe to Reformation theology is explicitly acknowledged; and unbiblical ecumenism and charismaticism are rejected.’
    • ‘If the Jewish people are called by God to himself - on ‘his’ terms - then the introduction of unbiblical norms and practices into their relationship with God is an aberration that ought to be challenged rather than embraced.’
    • ‘Teachings such as prohibiting medical treatment or the idea that Christ's sacrifice was segmented (into shed blood for ‘spiritual sin’ and broken body for ‘physical sin’) were seen to be unbiblical.’
    • ‘Each discipline should be dismantled, and, starting at the foundation, purged of unbiblical notions and rebuilt in accordance with biblical values and givens…’
    • ‘For example, a ‘pull yourself up by your own bootstraps’ approach to the poor is unbiblical because it's rooted in a worldly survival-of-the-fittest mentality.’
    • ‘His moral judgement will always be suspect, his official pronouncements unbiblical, and his guidance that of the blind leading the blind.’
    • ‘The unbiblical nature of all this is clear - such vain repetitions are condemned by our Lord.’
    • ‘But once that has been sifted through, there is far more that is simply unbiblical and, without questioning the sincerity, misleading.’
    • ‘Praying for strangers from a distance is hardly unbiblical, but James gives pretty specific instructions for how to pray for the sick.’
    • ‘This episode, way back in the Garden of Eden, highlights for those who have an eye to see it, the false and unbiblical nature of the evolutionary theory of human origins!’