Meaning of unbleached in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbliːtʃt/

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  • (especially of paper or cloth) not made whiter or lighter by a chemical process.

    ‘unbleached cotton’
    • ‘Buy organic produce, unbleached paper products and greener cleaners; skip weed killer and bug sprays.’
    • ‘These are pieces of unbleached paper backed with a vegetable-based adhesive which you stick over facial lines.’
    • ‘The paper cartons are now being manufactured using unbleached paper, as chlorine bleaches can cause toxic water pollution.’
    • ‘The compost consisted of the EarthShell plates and bowls, unbleached paper napkins, fiber trays, biodegradable trash bags, and food from a federal agency's cafeteria, plus leaves and grass clippings.’
    • ‘If, for example, much of your net worth were invested in McDonald's, you'd be unlikely to protest a new store opening in your neighborhood of be as eager for the company to use unbleached paper if it impacted earnings.’
    • ‘Stonyfield added a ninth flavor, Creme Caramel, and made the switch from plastic to lightweight, unbleached paper pints bearing new, bolder graphics.’
    • ‘In those days, the LibDems were (in the nicest possible way) regarded as slightly woolly and synonymous with wholemeal bread and unbleached linen.’
    • ‘The bedding comes from organically grown, unbleached cotton and pure wool and is free of dyes.’
    • ‘On each cookie there was an ingredient list that was contained items as peculiar and exotic as ‘Organic unbleached flour’, ‘Eggs’ and ‘cane sugar’.’
    • ‘Kraft pulp is still used, in bleached and unbleached forms, for such products as paper bags, milk cartons, and paper cups.’
    • ‘Look for organic, unbleached, untreated cotton.’
    • ‘Alan works primarily with whole wheat flours, but Steve prefers a blend of an organic unbleached flour and an organic hard winter wheat he grinds himself.’
    • ‘Re-strain through fine wire mesh or unbleached muslin cloth.’
    • ‘Pour liqueur through a fine strainer or unbleached muslin cloth.’
    • ‘Tie the duck breasts with unbleached cotton string.’
    • ‘A tightly woven unbleached cotton curtain, still a significant ecological step above vinyl, can be purchased from fellow retailer Planet Natural for only $31.95.’
    • ‘All-purpose, unbleached flour which blends hard and soft wheat is preferred over bleached flour because it rises more evenly and has a better flavor.’
    • ‘Instead, you get 13 grams of protein but 41 grams of carbohydrate; not surprising, considering the first ingredient is unbleached enriched flour.’
    • ‘Add 1 cup water and 1.25 cups unbleached white flour to 2 cups starter.’
    • ‘Then I attempted to measure out 4 cups of unbleached all purpose white flour.’
    unprocessed, organic, pure, wholesome, unrefined, pesticide-free, chemical-free, additive-free, unbleached, unmixed, real, plain, virgin, crude, raw