Meaning of unblended in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈblɛndɪd/


  • Not mixed with other types of the same substance.

    ‘unblended whisky’
    • ‘Heitz's Cabernets are straight and unblended.’
    • ‘The sales of unblended champagnes and single barrel malt whiskies are increasing yearly.’
    • ‘The present way that China does it is a straight unblended flux cigarette which is very harsh.’
    • ‘It was yet another occasion for him to do what he loves best about the job: keep tasting those unblended and reserve nectars of the grape gods!’
    • ‘There are several red La Boca varietals about but, unsurprisingly, this smooth, juicy, raspberry and blackberry-stacked unblended malbec, the country's finest red grape, is the best.’
    • ‘Today, the USP could be as unusual as ‘high-altitude unblended coffee, cultivated over 3,500 ft above the mean sea level’.’
    • ‘Although encounters with unblended Australian Mataro are still relatively rare, the Barossa Valley location of most of it means that the wine tends to resemble the Spanish rather than the French version.’
    • ‘They are unblended teas, meaning that these teas feature the leaves only and no other additives.’
    • ‘I was taught that the appropriate strategy at these inevitable moments of Blank Page Paralysis is a couple of shots of good unblended Scotch followed by resolute persistence in composing.’
    • ‘Blends range to include any mixture possible of these three varietals including 100% unblended versions.’
    • ‘Fristam, for its part, will soon introduce a new shear blender with a rotor-stator system that eliminates any unblended product.’
    • ‘The other painting style was called ‘rough,’ where an artist used bold, unblended brushstrokes.’
    • ‘The Staatskapelle Dresden's sound, on the other hand, is surprisingly unblended.’
    • ‘Single quinta vintage ports are wholly unblended and can give some very idiosyncratic tastes.’
    unmixed, unalloyed, unadulterated, unblended, uncontaminated, sterling, solid, refined, one hundred per cent, 100%