Meaning of unblessed in English:



(also unblest)
  • Not blessed.

    ‘to us, unblessed with our own children, he was almost a son’
    • ‘Left unclaimed and unblessed, biotechnology is frightening.’
    • ‘The Synod will not lift a claw to defend an unblessed planet.’
    • ‘Computer disks and skimpy tight female clothing, the demonic symbols of unblessed sexuality and perverted science, Allah's fires rise up and crush the wickedness, a blazing cleansing heat.’
    • ‘If a group believes that God has chosen their people, then outsiders are not only unblessed but also very different from that group.’
    • ‘The table holding huge containers of water collapsed with a huge crash, and some of the containers started pouring unblessed water onto the wooden floor and altars.’



/ʌnˈblɛsɪd/ /ʌnˈblɛst/