Meaning of unblinking in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈblɪŋkɪŋ/

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  • 1(of a person or their eyes) not blinking.

    ‘David watched with unblinking eyes’
    • ‘she couldn't meet that cold, unblinking stare’
    • ‘The men stood staring at us with unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, and Franklin stared at her with unblinking eyes, un-changing faces, and green hair.’
    • ‘It was laying on its front and looked as if its head had been resting in its folded arms before rising up enough to let one of its unblinking eyes stare at Kyri through strands of long red hair.’
    • ‘They stared at me with unblinking eyes and raised brows.’
    • ‘She just stood there, staring at him with unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘Shergahn's dead, unblinking eyes stared up into the rain, and the Bloody Sword chuckled with grim, cold humor.’
    • ‘The cat raised its large head to stare at her with unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘Her eyes were unblinking, staring intently on the path in front of her, taking in every dark detail.’
    • ‘Lee was ready; his eyes going to each one as they stared at him with unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘Our man in the fish shop, for example, spends his entire working life being stared at by a slab full of lifeless, unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘She returned the stare, his dark, unblinking eyes not really piercing, but compelling.’
    • ‘But we can only stare in wonder at those unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘He stared right back at her with cold, unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘But no matter how skilfully it's done, it shows somewhere: the stretched grimace, the unblinking eyes or in the body below, if it hasn't been done to match.’
    • ‘Some came so close I could look into their unblinking eyes, and see their gills working.’
    • ‘Yet the man himself has always seemed robotically inhuman, a familiar figure at grand prix meetings with unblinking eyes riveted to a monitor screen, never smiling, never revealing emotion.’
    • ‘And she'd just look at me with those calm, unblinking eyes of hers.’
    • ‘My audience responded with gaping mouths and unblinking eyes, and I became the most popular girl in my class - for a week.’
    • ‘The first time I saw Wiwin, she looked like a wizened old woman, with wrinkly, hairy skin and big, unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘Brian blinked, hesitated, and slowly waved a hand in front of his friend's unblinking eyes.’
    resolute, determined, single-minded, dogged, decided, resolved, firm, persistent, persevering, committed, unshrinking, unshakeable, steady, unwavering, unblinking, immoveable, unflagging, unswerving, unfaltering, untiring, undaunted, fearless, courageous, stalwart
    1. 1.1(of an assessment or account) direct, thorough, and honest.
      ‘the film is an unblinking look at the porn trade’
      • ‘He exposes his characters to an unblinking scrutiny, probing their yearning, desire, and heart-break with eyes wide open.’
      • ‘That empathy enables him to sing the most recent songs with an unblinking scrutiny that Cash casts on no one more than himself.’
      • ‘It's an unblinking portrayal of a self-destructing relationship, and one which anchors much of the second half of the album.’
      • ‘What has shocked audiences - and thoroughly offended many in Europe's critical community - are the unblinking portraits of violent crime.’
      • ‘The winner of the documentary competition, Capturing the Friedmans, also recalls Crumb in its unblinking portrait of a deeply screwed-up American family.’
      • ‘Worth a look is Midnight Dancers, the unblinking portrait of three Filipino brothers who work in the sex trade.’
      • ‘It's part of Schisgall's unblinking portrait of this group of carnal enthusiasts.’
      • ‘Moore has just finished his autobiography, One Voice - My Life in Song, a funny, moving and searingly honest book, as you would expect from an unblinking chronicler of Irish ways and Irish laws.’
      • ‘As you can imagine, the carefully positioned, unblinking magazine cutouts were very amusing to many of my classmates.’
      • ‘However, assessing her own life with the same unblinking honesty has often left Aherne in despair.’
      • ‘Let us look at the facts with unblinking honesty.’