Meaning of unblushing in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈblʌʃɪŋ/

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  • Not feeling or showing embarrassment or shame.

    ‘a comedy of manners, encased in the most unblushing melodrama’
    • ‘unblushing vice and licentiousness’
    • ‘The real highlight is an insert-like section, ‘The New Age of Terror,’ which takes an unblushing look at state persecution down through the ages, juxtaposed against the war porn of today.’
    • ‘Ron Curran, a dogged, award-winning investigator and unblushing idealist who helped establish the L.A. Weekly's reputation for hard-edged, relevant local reporting, died this week at 43 in his Huntington Beach home.’
    • ‘His unblushing reversals and evasions are underpinned not only by opportunism and a contempt for truth-telling, but also by conservative convictions and what appears to be a deep rooted reverence for the rich.’
    • ‘At other tables, young men and women were clearly out on dates, unchaperoned and unblushing, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.’
    • ‘He cuts straight to the quick, opening his unblushing diary of detestation with this: ‘I hate him.’’
    • ‘As elucidated in unblushing prose in the room notes, it is taking Frank's art from the merely ambitious to the stratospherically inspired.’
    • ‘We have intense memories of seeing this film on TV in the early 1970s which, as far as we can recall, was uncut and featured so much unblushing cavorting that we became life long fans of Helen Mirren.’
    • ‘However, I affect supreme ignorance of any possibility of their objecting to our choosing each other's company, and call frequently with the most unblushing impudence.’
    • ‘The party's hostess is Amanda Brunker, a gossip columnist who, one would have assumed, was chosen for the role because of her unblushing ease with sexual candour.’
    • ‘He has occasionally, and with characteristic unblushing swagger, compared himself to Albert Camus.’
    • ‘And quite clearly devoted to his equally handsome unblushing bride.’
    • ‘He started in unblushing manner, giving a parking ticket to the Press reporter who had gone to interview him.’
    • ‘I'm Going to my Room to be Cool Now and I Don't Want to be Disturbed was Dendy's unblushing crowd pleaser: a thirteen-part suite, set to funky rock 'n' roll classics.’
    • ‘His greatest strengths - the uncompromising determination, sharp-tongued irreverence, and unblushing idealism - turned out to be critical flaws.’
    • ‘You need in your minds to have an unblushing nudity that can say, ‘I believe in God and I accept his providence’.’
    • ‘The difference is that Richard is so various, so brilliant in his invention, and so appallingly alive in Shakespeare's version, that the audience must realize with a shock that it is attracted to unblushing evil.’
    • ‘Babbitt gulped down his food, ‘laid unmoving lips against [Myra's] unblushing cheek,’ and left for work.’
    • ‘Though Pepys gives many similar honest and unblushing accounts of wholesome venality and decadence, much more is concerned with events of the day.’
    • ‘It could be amusing if the pols posted unblushing, unedited diaries of what they were really thinking, as real bloggers do.’
    licentious, promiscuous, immoral, immodest, indecent, shameless, unblushing, unchaste, unvirtuous, impure, abandoned, lustful, lecherous, lascivious, salacious, lubricious, libidinous, libertine, profligate, dissolute, dissipated, debauched, degenerate, reprobate, corrupt, sinful