Meaning of unboundedly in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbaʊndɪdli/


See unbounded

‘Peirce also held that any continuum harbours an unboundedly large collection of points - in his colourful terminology, a supermultitudinous collection - what we would today call a proper class.’
  • ‘I confess that I am not yet ready to embrace the world or the other so fully and unboundedly, and that may be evidence of my sin, a limitation I inherit as a child of Adam.’
  • ‘I've never know you to be so unboundedly optimistic before.’
  • ‘This allows to show that the result of Section 3 can be obtained as a limit result when uninformed traders' risk tolerance grows unboundedly.’
  • ‘Wikipedia's list of unboundedly long songs (‘that continue until the singer decides to stop’) has some real gems that appeal to my inner repetitious repeater.’