Meaning of unboxed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbɒkst/


  • Not or no longer enclosed or packaged in a box.

    ‘the farmers' market offers the promise of farm-ripened foods: unboxed, unprocessed, and unbranded’
    • ‘I've purchased several unboxed cosmetics items from the site and I've never had a problem’
    • ‘Anyone posting an amateur unboxing video from wrapped package to unboxed device is just showing off their new toy.’
    • ‘Free of harsh chemicals or colorants, the quality of this unboxed item will be as fresh and genuine as the original packing.’
    • ‘The copier's footprint is reassuringly small, and it's no effort to move around with an unboxed weight of 9.95kg.’
    • ‘This unboxed retail pair weighs 1,439 grams per size 27 boot - 6 grams less than the catalog weight!’
    • ‘Video presented at a news conference shows him walking the aisles and picking up an air rifle that had been left, unboxed, on a shelf.’
    • ‘The images give a good look at front displays of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, though they're nothing on the unboxed ones that emerged over the weekend.’
    • ‘Shoppers can order an unboxed pre-owned machine for £315 or £325 or a boxed option for £340.’
    • ‘Furthermore, some websites sell unboxed toners that would otherwise be unsellable in most shops.’
    • ‘Many a freshly unboxed coffee machine will be taking a pounding come December 25th, but few will have arrived carrying the price tag of a small car.’
    • ‘Unboxed items are priced according to size (not weight).’