Meaning of unbraid in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbreɪd/


[with object]
  • Untie (something braided)

    ‘I quickly unbraided my hair and brushed it out’
    • ‘She unbraids her hair after it dries, which takes 24 hours.’
    • ‘Quickly, she unbraids her hair and blends the bleaching mixture, getting him to help her apply it.’
    • ‘He took the other pigtail and began unbraiding it.’
    • ‘She found herself staring motionless at her reflection in the tall cheval glass, and quickly finished unbraiding her hair, thinking fixedly of things other than that sorrow.’
    • ‘As it happened, the first person he found was Laura, who was sitting a little ways inside the cave, unbraiding her hair.’
    • ‘I went in while unbraiding my hair; I never worried anymore about dressing up during the day or pulling my hair up.’
    • ‘I stood there at my sister's threshold, unbraiding my hair, feeling very old and very unoriginal.’
    • ‘She was alone in her room, unbraiding her hair, when a breeze puffed her thin white curtains into her room.’
    • ‘Then I quickly unbraided my hair and brushed it out.’
    • ‘As I unbraided my hair, I was dismayed to pull away a sizeable handful.’
    • ‘She unbraided her hair, unhooked her silver bracelet from her left wrist, and laid it on the counter.’
    • ‘After washing her face and hands, she unbraided her hair and set about the task of combing out the tangles.’
    • ‘She unbraided her hair, running her fingers through it before carefully brushing it.’
    • ‘I washed my face, and just for the hell of it, I unbraided my hair so that it fell in long waves.’
    • ‘She also unbraided her hair and pulled the massive curls back with a leather strap.’
    • ‘Back inside my room, I sat down for Alessa to unbraid my long golden hair.’
    • ‘Matt is braiding, unbraiding and re-braiding the zipper pulls on his ski jacket, which is actually too warm for the weather.’
    • ‘It was still in the two French braids from the night before so Jessica quickly unbraided them, which only made her hair a bigger nuisance.’
    • ‘Shifting his attention to his blanket, he unbraids a single tassel, then rebraids.’
    • ‘She styled the remaining hair into four-strand braids and then unbraided the ends to create wavy strands.’