Meaning of unbranded in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbrandɪd/

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  • 1(of a product) not bearing a brand name.

    ‘unbranded computer systems’
    • ‘Critics will argue that this image is false and that unbranded products are just as good.’
    • ‘A lot of people think you can reach this community by delivering a dumbed-down, unbranded product.’
    • ‘The general public may still insist, on, say, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, but they'll happily eat the unbranded products when they're in a hotel.’
    • ‘Products carrying a strong brand usually attract a price premium compared to similar but unbranded products.’
    • ‘After all, most brands make unsustainable claims, and unbranded products seem to be just as good.’
    • ‘Much better Value can be obtained by judiciously selecting unbranded products, where more of the purchase price goes on quality materials.’
    • ‘Vitelcom produces unbranded devices for the own-brand operator market.’
    • ‘However, it is under attack from rival products and from generic manufacturers that want to produce much cheaper unbranded pills.’
    • ‘Now Hon Hai makes unbranded laptop computers for microchip giant Intel Corp, she said.’
    • ‘Branded sets can cost up to €50, while the unbranded equivalent will cost from around €10.’
    • ‘Exploring this phenomenon, with its ‘un-American’ emphasis on unbranded goods and producer-to-consumer contact, would have been an apt coda to this book.’
    • ‘Six leading drug companies manufacturing generic and unbranded drugs have been accused of cheating the NHS out of up to £300 million.’
    • ‘The company said it was looking to introduce unbranded leisure and sportswear to compete with value-for-money retailers.’
    • ‘At one time, Intel used to build its infamous white unbranded boxes at Leixlip, sold through the channel, but those days are now long gone.’
    • ‘It says it's possible the supermarkets might actually be losing money on the ordinary, unbranded milk.’
    • ‘Marble and gold and logos abound, and it's only once I've shamefacedly unpacked my non-designer clothes from my unbranded suitcase and headed to Il Barocco for dinner that I properly come down to earth.’
    • ‘However, wherever I looked it was the same story - nothing for less than £19.99 unless I wanted an unbranded plain white kettle.’
    • ‘Markets are archaic being unable to accept credit or debit cards, offering no changing facilities, with a limited choice of primarily lower cost unbranded goods.’
    • ‘I think this is the fourth scanner we've had since 1995, and it's the first one we've bought that wasn't the cheapest unbranded thing we could find.’
    • ‘It is going to aim for a new class of phone manufacturers - mainly Asian companies that are expected to bring low-cost unbranded phones to market in the next year or so.’
    unbranded, untrademarked, non-proprietary
  • 2(of livestock) not branded with the owner's mark.

    • ‘Update: apparently the wine-industry meaning has taken over entirely from the unbranded cattle and first-time criminals, at least among some Australians.’