Meaning of unbreachable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbriːtʃəb(ə)l/


  • Not able to be breached or overcome.

    ‘a virtually unbreachable position’
    • ‘The consensus was that unbreachable moral laws had been breached; unnatural acts had been performed; and the moral world had been turned upside-down during the revolutionary and imperial years.’
    • ‘McGrath's defences seem unbreachable at the moment and hot on his unbeaten 173 and 65 against Worcestershire, he completed yet another half-century before being run out for 68 by Gary Pratt's direct hit.’
    • ‘‘Well, there's supposed to be an unbreachable division between them,’ he says.’
    • ‘Slow to adapt to a new formation the visitors toiled in the early stages, but their defence was solid with Simon Burnett unbreachable in goal.’
    • ‘Admittedly, England has suffered more on a drip-fed basis, but we long ago gave up the complacency of being unbreachable.’
    • ‘The management has been brave enough to take on a market once considered unbreachable and bring back the booty.’
    • ‘It took Lou Salomé to cause an unbreachable gulf between the brother and sister.’
    • ‘There is a brittle arrogance, and a seemingly unbreachable wall of utter disinterest.’
    • ‘The supposedly unbreachable wall of Troy proved anything but.’
    • ‘Such is the unbreachable gap between the past and the present.’
    • ‘Ider, upon learning of the threat of Kerridac's army, sealed his men into his fortress, which cunning construction and placement of manpower then made nearly unbreachable.’
    • ‘His vaunted intellectualism has always afforded him a final, unbreachable line of defense when one of his albums is subjected to criticism - I mean, who are we to detract from Lou Reed's epic vision?’
    • ‘You've always got that unbreachable distance around you.’
    • ‘The final wall, as Pamela soon discovered, that lay between herself and Theo seemed to remain standing, as solid and unbreachable as ever.’
    • ‘For Strauss, it would appear, the Western mind at its best devotes itself to policing the unbreachable boundary between faith and reason.’
    • ‘There must be an unbreachable schism between the interests of men - as a class - and the interests of women - as a class.’
    • ‘Not infatuation, of course, I had not forgotten what I was or the unbreachable difference between us.’
    • ‘Between each of us and the next person was a vast and unbreachable gulf.’
    • ‘Both these truths work to enwrap the book in an aura at once mysterious and almost unbreachable.’