Meaning of unbrushed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbrʌʃt/


  • Not brushed; untidy or unkempt.

    ‘unbrushed hair’
    • ‘I still want to leave my hair unbrushed then shave it all off on a whim.’
    • ‘You see them muttering together in corners, their skin grey and baggy and their unbrushed hair matted with Playdoh.’
    • ‘She washed all the dirt off of her face, but deliberately left her wild hair unbrushed.’
    • ‘His shoulders are rolled forward, his hair floppy and unbrushed, and he's wearing loose blue jeans and scuffed hiking boots.’
    • ‘He put his cheek on my unbrushed blonde hair.’
    • ‘I don't think I can compete with your stained and unbrushed teeth in the turn-offs department.’
    • ‘The highlight of my day came when a woman with wonky eyes, an unsightly coldsore and hair like an unbrushed retriever approached me.’
    • ‘His hair was quite long, and unbrushed.’
    • ‘At the same moment, his mouth, full of an implausible number of filthy, unbrushed teeth, was jammed next to my right ear-hole.’
    • ‘Day after day, the girls woke up to a high-desert Eden, emerging with teeth unbrushed and hair in knots to do yoga, knit, and swap barrettes before hitting the rock all afternoon.’
    • ‘To appear at the office unshaven, or with unbrushed coat and dirty boots, proclaims at once a lack of respect to one's employers.’
    • ‘She was so rushed, she ended up mis-buttoning her shirt, wearing mis-matched socks, and leaving her hair unbrushed.’
    • ‘With a quick tug, she pulled the coat's furry hood from her head, revealing a messy, unbrushed ginger-blonde mop of hair.’
    • ‘You're unlikely to realise that you've forgotton it until the first night of the holiday, by which time any shops might be shut, which leaves you with the prospect of unbrushed teeth and smelly breath until opening time.’
    untidy, unkempt, messy, in a mess, disarranged, uncombed, unbrushed, ungroomed, tousled, tangled, tangly, knotted, knotty, matted, shaggy, straggly, windswept, windblown, wild