Meaning of unbuckle in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbʌk(ə)l/

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[with object]
  • Unfasten the buckle of (something, especially a belt or shoe).

    ‘Jack began to unbuckle his belt and pull his shirt over his head.’
    • ‘She began to unbuckle her sandals, as I loosened the laces on my shoes.’
    • ‘He was unbuckling his belt and pulling it through the loops.’
    • ‘After unbuckling my belt by a notch or two I was ready for my dessert - vanilla ice-cream covered with Bailey's Irish Cream.’
    • ‘Leopold turned around in his chair, unbuckling the seat belt as he did.’
    • ‘With another Thanksgiving behind us, we can all enjoy the post-binge ritual of unbuckling our belts.’
    • ‘Don't take the chance of him unbuckling a lap belt and trying to climb out himself.’
    • ‘She thinks for a moment then unbuckles her belt.’
    • ‘Once he'd finished doing that he unbuckled his belt and fashioned a sling.’
    • ‘Obedient, with fire in his eyes, Wolf unbuckled his belt and let his weapons clatter to the ground.’
    • ‘Quietly, and cautiously, she unbuckled the seat belt and crawled over James's lap.’
    • ‘Drew unbuckled his belt and laid it along with his father's sword beside Seigi's weapons.’
    • ‘Fayd watched silently as the guard walked a few meters past the camp's perimeter and unbuckled his belt.’
    • ‘The rest of the crew unbuckled their belts and also departed for their quarters, leaving Dudson alone on the bridge.’
    • ‘She sat down on the rock and unbuckled her shoe which was black with a round toe and a chunky heel, rather like a boot that'd had the top cut off it.’
    • ‘He jumped out of the car quickly, opening my door for me before I even picked my purse up of the floor and unbuckled my seat belt.’
    • ‘To honor his words, he unbuckled his sword belt, and threw it to the side.’
    • ‘Distractedly, I unbuckled my seat belt and stood up on legs that felt strange.’
    • ‘I turned the car off and unbuckled my seat belt, also watching Alexandria struggle with her own.’
    • ‘He just rolled his eyes, unbuckled his own safety belt, and left ahead of me.’
    unfastened, not done up, undone, unbuttoned, unzipped, loose