Meaning of unburnished in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈbəːnɪʃd/


  • (of a metal surface) not polished; dull.

    ‘In northern European paintings matt, unburnished gilding is also found and contracts may specify which areas are to be burnished and which are to be matt.’
    • ‘The inventory of 1700 describes 'its wooden frame gilded with unburnished gold'.’
    • ‘It was not calculation but humility - together with his understanding that it is preferable not to rust unburnished but to shine in use - that gave him another lease on life.’
    • ‘Nymphs and satyrs in Florentine bronze smirked and capered in the recesses of the pale gray wall, relieved by mouldings and medallions in unburnished gold.’
    • ‘It was unburnished gray - aluminum or magnesium, by its light weight - and smoothly streamlined.’
    dull, lacklustre, matt, flat, unburnished, unpolished, tarnished, dingy, dim, dark, drab