Meaning of uncap in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkap/

verbverb uncaps, verb uncapping, verb uncapped

[with object]
  • 1Remove the lid or cover from.

    ‘Henry uncapped a felt-tip pen’
    • ‘The artist says, ‘I've never drawn the X-Men’ but he uncaps his pen to do the kid a drawing anyway.’
    • ‘Community organizer Eder Sánchez pulls away from a breakfast of liver, rice, and plantains and uncaps his pen.’
    • ‘Claire spoke, uncapping the beer and slamming it down hard on the counter next to his outstretched hand.’
    • ‘I uncapped a blue magic marker and carefully copied what he was writing onto a name tag.’
    • ‘The fact that one bottle is uncapped suggests a human presence now absent.’
    • ‘The reason I uncapped it is because when I uncap this pen, it jams all the radio frequencies.’
    • ‘Prepared for a night of learning, I grabbed my bright orange highlighter (reserved for this very purpose!) and uncapped it.’
    • ‘She takes out a pen, uncaps it, and starts filling out the paperwork.’
    • ‘Sterling sneaks a sip of his sponsor's product, uncaps his Sharpie one more time and laughs.’
    • ‘‘It's me,’ she answered, uncapping the bottle.’
    • ‘She sniffed before uncapping her eyeliner pencil.’
    • ‘Once, she broke her forearm while uncapping a pen.’
    • ‘The man nodded once before uncapping a small penlight.’
    • ‘I replied, uncapping my nail polish and painting my big toe.’
    • ‘‘Well, I ain't like I used to be, ‘he said, uncapping the bottle and pouring the crystalline liquid into the glasses.’’
    • ‘Michelle complies gladly, uncapping her lens and giggling at the various phony model poses he strikes.’
    • ‘Once his friend returned, he gratefully accepted the cold beer he was given, uncapping it.’
    • ‘Roxie began uncapping a mauve colored lip gloss, sliding the small spongy tip across her lips.’
    • ‘Backstage, as the players had begun the long final movement, Carr had uncapped a bottle of spirits and poured celebratory drinks for Perez, Goodwin, and the rest of the behind-the-scenes staff.’
    • ‘He pulled out a pad of paper and uncapped his pen,’
  • 2Remove a limit or restriction on (a price, rate, or amount)

    ‘they would uncap local spending’
    • ‘It is the San Diego region, the only area where prices had already been uncapped, rates tripled and consumers were faced with draconian electricity bills, in some cases matching their monthly rent or mortgage payment.’
    • ‘It took California a year after its energy crisis began to uncap consumer rates, but once it did, power demand dropped sharply.’
    • ‘Brad DeLong has some good advice about the tax system: eliminate loopholes for the affluent and raise top marginal rates and uncap FICA.’
    • ‘That provision is uncapped and it's going out at the rate of about $4-billion a week.’
    • ‘Equivalent full-time student numbers were uncapped in 1998, and local courses did not require approval by Government agencies.’
    • ‘Much of this will be a matter of uncapping the natural safety mechanisms against excessive strain that humans have evolved with - overclocking the grunt, so to speak.’
    • ‘When a particular legion has performed well and not earned any criticism, the scrollcase is uncapped, which you can observe when they march.’
    • ‘Now we've got an amazingly crazy health system in Australia, with some run by the Federal government, which is uncapped, fees to GPs and to specialists, some run by the States which is very heavily capped.’
    • ‘It now costs £17.99 a month, down from £19.99 a month, and is uncapped, comes with no upfront fees and also benefits from a free customer helpline.’
    • ‘He also has stated that this demographic crisis will continue ‘unless immigration is uncapped.’’
    • ‘Plaintiffs sometimes prefer Title IX because it does not have any administrative prerequisites and damages are uncapped.’
    • ‘When I became the Minister responsible for the tertiary education area, tuition subsidies had just been uncapped by the previous Government.’
    • ‘A spokesperson for the University insisted, ‘The Chancellor was speaking as an individual and there is no possibility of tuition fees being uncapped before 2009.’’
    • ‘He has caused caused an uproar with his media statements that he would uncap the H-1B visa and which his staffers cannot and will not clarify when job-destruction activists protested.’