Meaning of uncaring in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɛːrɪŋ/

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  • 1Not displaying sympathy or concern for others.

    ‘an uncaring father’
    • ‘Just how cold and uncaring her father was for that one moment in time had ruined her forever.’
    • ‘They are selfish, uncaring people whose sole concern is money.’
    • ‘His monologue casts light on the common experience of the stereotypical man who is unemotional, uncaring, and cold.’
    • ‘I don't want to be mean and uncaring, but there is only so much sympathy and concern to spread around.’
    • ‘His death is important to the journey of finding the father and is symbolic of the death of an uncaring father for one who will offer support and affection.’
    • ‘Your youngster may feel it is hopeless to try to be good, that he is doomed to be uncaring like the father, or selfish like the mother.’
    • ‘Though I look just like her, they say, I act like my father, ruthless and uncaring.’
    • ‘Lucy is a modestly successful artist encumbered with a drunken, hypochondriac father and an uncaring American boyfriend.’
    • ‘Regardless of what had happened, her father had become cold and uncaring, and he rarely had time for his children.’
    • ‘We think men are cold and uncaring, they think we are too emotional and clingy.’
    • ‘After a loss or a bad play, was the player concerned or uncaring?’
    • ‘I look up at him and see his face turn from mean and uncaring to concerned and guilty.’
    • ‘They could turn cold and uncaring, devoid of all emotion.’
    • ‘If you explode into goddess-worship then you're accused of being sarcastic, if you play it cool then you're uncaring and undeserving.’
    • ‘We are not on our own in a cold, uncaring universe.’
    • ‘Or was I supposed to think that she was cold, uncaring and mercenary in crediting his novel as her own work, and pocketing all the money?’
    • ‘Well, far it be it from me to be cold and uncaring all of the time.’
    • ‘I found myself speaking to a different person: ice cold, uncaring, dismissive.’
    • ‘We are not on our own in an unfeeling, uncaring universe.’
    • ‘The parents were cold and uncaring, the nuns were brutal and cruel.’
    unemotional, non-emotional, unsentimental, emotionless, impassive, nonchalant, cool, collected, calm, cool, calm, and collected, unruffled, unperturbed, composed, self-possessed, level-headed, self-controlled, temperate, sober, placid, equable, tranquil, serene, unexcitable, unflappable
  • 2Not feeling interest in or attaching importance to something.

    ‘she had always been uncaring of her appearance’
    • ‘Mr Varma's answer is brutal: the rich in India have always lived a life quite uncaring of the ocean of poverty around them.’
    • ‘I know this sounds callous and uncaring of those victims who suffered abuse at the hands of priests and religious.’
    • ‘Her mouth opened for him and he took her mouth like how she had seen him take to the races: rough, wild, dangerous… even uncaring of whom he hurt.’
    • ‘Nakain sat down beside her, uncaring of the rain.’
    • ‘Hero gasped, he started to run to the box, uncaring of noise, the same thought repeating in his head: please no!’
    • ‘Agape laid in d' Armano's arms, uncaring of the surroundings, his bare feet falling down into my lap.’
    • ‘Unafraid and uncaring of what her lord thought of her while eating, she began tearing the venison with her hands.’
    • ‘With that statement, she slapped him across the cheek, uncaring of the consequences of her actions.’
    • ‘He threw the cloth toward the ever-present fire, uncaring of whether it landed in the flames or on the floor.’
    • ‘The raven cawed playfully uncaring of its master's irritation, and leapt unto a stack of scrolls.’
    • ‘She responded slowly, obviously uncaring of any pirate who may be waiting on the other side of the door.’
    • ‘Autumn's idea of musical harmony was recklessly playful and noisily uncaring of delicate fragility.’
    • ‘She dived under the staircase, uncaring of the dust and potential for cobwebs, and the dark.’
    • ‘For a while, they just stood there in front of the park, unaware and uncaring of how strange it looked.’
    • ‘The dozen or so timid beasts looped about uncaring of the darkness that dominated the planet.’
    • ‘Horse and rider moved as one, seemingly uncaring of any mole tunnels or gopher holes.’
    • ‘A turtle lazily munched on the coral, oblivious and uncaring of my presence, or the flashes emanating from my camera.’
    • ‘He started to pull me away from my locker, uncaring of the black paint my hair was still dripping.’
    • ‘She drew up her knees and hugged them, uncaring of whether or not it was breakfast.’
    • ‘She had been lying in her bed, uncaring of the late hour and what the servants might think.’
    careless, lazy, lax, unenthusiastic, half-hearted, uninterested, lukewarm, indifferent, uncaring, past caring, unconcerned, casual, offhand, blasé, insouciant, leisurely, relaxed