Meaning of uncatalogued in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkat(ə)lɒɡd/


  • (of a book, document, etc.) not yet catalogued.

    ‘They were stored, uncatalogued, in the county record office.’
    • ‘Many of the 600,000 uncatalogued books are still sitting in unopened boxes.’
    • ‘Feel free to roam the uncatalogued contents; you never know what sort of treasures you might unearth!’
    • ‘Under this grant hitherto uncatalogued materials were added to the online catalogue.’
    • ‘This exhibition introduces a hitherto uncatalogued collection of Islamic calligraphy kept in the Wellcome Library.’
    • ‘This collection, some of which is uncatalogued, covers fashion history, graphic design, corporate design, etc.’
    • ‘While there will be some legitimate uncatalogued prints, for the most part the collector should stick to what is catalogued.’
    • ‘Using unsorted and uncatalogued manuscript collections is also often restricted, and you may have to obtain special permission from the archivist.’
    • ‘Sadly, many audio collections remain unpreserved or uncatalogued for lack of money or lack of institutional interest.’
    • ‘The web is also like being stuck in a giant uncatalogued library, with every dusty shelf offering up hidden treasures; you just have to hunt for them.’
    • ‘I have, over the years, become horrified at the overwhelming number of uncatalogued Old and Middle Irish manuscripts contained in repositories throughout Europe.’
    • ‘Much of the rest of the archival material is uncatalogued, and is now in some disarray.’
    • ‘After a decade of efforts by the library committee and a succession of volunteers, most of the books remained uncatalogued.’
    • ‘The total number of items including uncatalogued material, is estimated to be about 150,000 and reflects all aspects of life in Camden.’
    • ‘A survey has been designed and carried out to assess the extent of library materials within the group that remain either on card catalogue or indeed completely uncatalogued.’
    • ‘Some vernacular language material is not fully catalogued, but all uncatalogued vernacular materials can be found as an order record through an author or title search in the library catalog.’
    • ‘The site now contains listings of both catalogued and uncatalogued material to be found in the library, enabling researchers to obtain a much clearer view of what the holdings are.’
    • ‘I liked to climb to the top of the tower, where uncatalogued documents and fragments left over from the Victorian rearrangement of the records were haphazardly thrown into sacks.’
    • ‘Although they suspect additional pieces may have been stolen, they declined to speculate on the scope of the additional uncatalogued items that may have been looted.’
    • ‘The collection was initially uncatalogued and placed alongside the Institute materials; it was of value but extremely difficult to use effectively.’