Meaning of uncaught in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈkɔːt/


  • Not caught.

    ‘A rough analogy: using a net of a x gauge will fail to catch fish of a certain size, but these uncaught ones are not a definite category of fish.’
    • ‘The terror suspects were still uncaught.’
    • ‘Of the uncaught messages, about 15 were really addressed to me.’
    • ‘It reveals that for much of the last 200 years, Yorkshire folk have been living with at least one uncaught murderer in their midst.’
    • ‘Thurman, who executive produced, plays Debby, a town catch at 20 who remains uncaught at almost 30.’
    • ‘My priority at this time was though, as ever, a handful of uncaught carp in yet another big gravel pit.’
    • ‘If tens of thousands of programmers are scrutinizing the country's voting software, it's highly unlikely a serious bug will go uncaught.’
    • ‘Similarly, up to 5% of uncaught quota could be transferred to the following year.’
    • ‘This lake is probably the best bet for the angler looking for a real challenge of uncaught monsters.’
    • ‘The carp are not fished for much and many are uncaught fish, one of the attractions.’
    • ‘Holly watched Takaru until he was out of sight and most likely would return home uncaught.’
    • ‘For the remaining 18 social units (neither all adults nor all juveniles captured), we used daily field notes to assess the probable number of uncaught animals.’
    • ‘The others - it's very likely they will die uncaught.’
    • ‘Yanking and twisting her foot frantically to get it uncaught, Isis let out a pained noise in her throat as her hands slipped from the opening, and she fell down onto the floor.’
    • ‘But with a murder plaguing the minds of the entire village and an uncaught murderer on the streets, she took heed of it.’
    • ‘But the person who actually pulled the gun's trigger remains uncaught.’
    • ‘One night, Finn rocks a bit off and falls flat on his face, unceremoniously uncaught by an unwelcoming mosh pit.’
    • ‘The person or people behind the anthrax attacks were here at home, and may still be here, undetected and certainly uncaught.’
    • ‘Now we are in the territory of freedom, of half-melodies and uncaught thoughts.’
    • ‘Two thirds of the Irish Horse Mackerel and mackerel quota remains uncaught.’