Meaning of uncertificated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnsəˈtɪfɪkeɪtɪd/


mainly British
  • Not officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.

    ‘his mother had been an uncertificated schoolteacher in her youth’
    • ‘uncertificated courses’
    • ‘The owners were not treated as responsible for all the consequences of his having been uncertificated.’
    • ‘The University may admit a student through an assessment of that student's prior learning, whether certificated or uncertificated.’
    • ‘Uncertificated courses lasted either half a day or one day.’
    • ‘A large number of previously uncertificated courses were now adapted to be eligible for FEFC funding.’
    • ‘They did prevent uncertificated staff from being brought in to ease the teacher shortage.’
    • ‘A collision was caused by a "blunder in seamanship of ... a somewhat serious and startling character" by an uncertificated second mate.’
    • ‘Uncertificated advanced life support training was defined as compulsory training in the airway-breathing-circulation approach.’
    • ‘Employers are advised that the formal day of dismissal due to uncertificated or unauthorised work absence should be the last day on which the employee actually worked.’