Meaning of unchain in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈtʃeɪn/

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[with object]
  • Remove the chains fastening or securing (someone or something)

    ‘they returned, unchained Tom and took him upstairs’
    • ‘she felt free, unchained by responsibilities’
    • ‘Corrections Department rules dictate that inmates taken for medical care must be shackled and guarded, although they unchained Provencio's legs on Friday.’
    • ‘Finally, the prisoner was unchained and laid out on the floor of his cell.’
    • ‘Now, say the man is unchained and allowed to walk around the cave.’
    • ‘He unchained the doors and let them pass, returning to his post.’
    • ‘It was a relief to kneel on the floor as the guard unchained her.’
    • ‘They immediately set to work unchaining us afterward.’
    • ‘Have you thought about unchaining the drawer on the cash register and buying a new car, complete with warranty?’
    • ‘It would at least give me something safe to talk about while unchaining my employer.’
    • ‘I unlocked it, unchained it, and then opened it for him.’
    • ‘As I unchained my bike, I saw the waitresses giggling and pointing at me.’
    • ‘I quickly exited the aircraft, unchained the nose gear, climbed back in, and buckled my seat belt.’
    • ‘Effie learned they had taken his straitjacket off and unchained his feet after he'd been asleep a few hours.’
    • ‘And with this being said she glided over to her, and promptly unchained her and helped her up.’
    • ‘He unchained his bike as fast as he could and took off to White Star Highschool.’
    • ‘Passing the stables, she was disappointed not to find Terrant, but unchained her dog to take with her.’
    • ‘Key to the dark side of the moon so you can unchain yourself and free yourself, truly open yourself, and share.’
    • ‘Last week was a good one because I actually managed to unchain myself from the desk and hop on a plane to London.’
    • ‘The guards in the room unchained Talon and pushed him through the door.’
    • ‘Zak looked around, and saw no one else, and wandered why he had been unchained.’
    • ‘To think that sharing of wealth is a solution to the economic imbalances perpetuates underdevelopment of the poor's capabilities and potential to unchain themselves out of poverty.’
    freeing, release, discharge, deliverance, salvation, rescue, relief, extrication, setting free