Meaning of unchancy in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈtʃɑːnsi/

adjectiveadjective unchancier, adjective unchanciest

mainly Scottish
  • Unlucky, inauspicious, or dangerous.

    ‘it would be indefensible, and even perhaps unchancy, to let him pay’
    • ‘he stood still, narrowly observing this unchancy opponent’
    • ‘It cuts against the grain to be having aught to do with such unchancy things, but if Tomanâk is after being a good enough captain for you to be swearing loyalty to, then that's good enough for me.’
    • ‘He summoned the Guard, but, despite the carnage, he didn't even consider turning his unchancy guests out.’
    • ‘A boggle is a bogey, an unchancy spirit; he lives there.’
    • ‘This is a good town for a book, but very unchancy.’
    • ‘Like cross-roads, bridges are unchancy places, balanced as they are earth to earth, between past and future - and therefore risky; but I didn't want to wade in the fast-moving depths below, no mater how natural.’
    risky, uncertain, unpredictable, touch-and-go, precarious, unsafe, dangerous, perilous, high-risk, hazardous, fraught with danger