Meaning of unchangeably in English:



See unchangeable

‘The poem is ‘a Renaissance jewel, beautiful but (compared to Hamlet) troublingly unvoiced, relatively toneless, unchangeably small.’’
  • ‘The lake has unchangeably remained the center of attraction for the people world over-but has unfortunately lost its pristine glory over the years due to the ceaseless encroachments of the avaricious residents.’
  • ‘By union with his person, that flesh participates in the divine nature and by this communion becomes unchangeably God; not only by the operation of divine grace, as was the case with the prophets, but by the coming of grace himself.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, yet more evidence that Christianity is irrevocably tied, unchangeably, to its 2000 year old origins.’
  • ‘That's the silly thing about identity systems, their content is meaningless unless identity is assigned unambiguously and unchangeably at the moment of birth!’