Meaning of uncharacteristically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnkarəktəˈrɪstɪkli/

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  • In a way that is not typical of a particular person or thing.

    ‘he hesitated uncharacteristically’
    • ‘she seemed uncharacteristically quiet’
    • ‘Lubitsch also had a knack of getting uncharacteristically good performances out of his actors.’
    • ‘He was eventually much happier at the Architectural Association where, uncharacteristically for the time, Frank Lloyd Wright was his preferred modern architect.’
    • ‘The score by John Williams is uncharacteristically jazzy.’
    • ‘The hero is uncharacteristically drawn into a scene of violence.’
    • ‘Best of the set though is the uncharacteristically breezily lilting third number.’