Meaning of uncharismatic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnkarɪzˈmatɪk/


  • Lacking the charm and attractiveness that can inspire enthusiasm in others.

    ‘He gave a stunningly uncharismatic performance: for once, throwing lots of special effects at the climactic fight scene helped, because it at least made Drake seem genuinely menacing.’
    • ‘For this aged, scholarly, conservative, uncharismatic Bavarian theologian will surely hasten precisely the de-Christianisation of Europe that he aims to reverse.’
    • ‘He's about as uncharismatic as you can get.’
    • ‘If the disease lay dormant for just over twelve months and only sprang into action at the hint of uncharismatic but otherwise cool presidential candidates.’
    • ‘All one might reply in his defence is that whatever his failings as a communicator he is greatly to be preferred to his uncharismatic predecessor, Dr Carey.’
    • ‘Mocked in Italy as a bumbling rural priest, he is seen as dull and uncharismatic.’
    • ‘He comes across as stiff and uncharismatic, and in America's personality-driven political culture, that matters far more than it should.’
    • ‘As uncharismatic and incompetent as William Hague, Britain's former Conservative Leader may have been, his successor could be even more dismal.’
    • ‘Every poor England performance sees Eriksson giving bland, uncharismatic and frankly boring interviews, which merely justify his selections or decisions.’
    • ‘That this formal, blatantly uncharismatic man should set the electorate on fire, without the benefit of a media coach or a new suit, has rivals stunned.’
    • ‘Labour's unlikely leader was terse and uncharismatic but very effective - the improbable Mr Attlee.’
    • ‘Not bad for a man who is regularly dismissed as boring and uncharismatic.’
    • ‘Still, besting the opposition Democratic Party of Japan and its uncharismatic leader, Naoto Kan, is practically beside the point.’
    • ‘Squat and uncharismatic, Pressman built his career upon a distinctive combination of shoe-leather, watch-doggedness, and empathy for the poor and downtrodden.’
    • ‘Budget restrictions will mean the ‘Late Late Show’ producers can now only afford a vapid, self-important and uncharismatic host.’
    • ‘It's hard to think of a performance by an actor billed as the star of the picture that is any worse than the muttered, uncharismatic, disinterested effort delivered by Ice T in this film.’
    • ‘Despite some splendid design and a gorgeous score by Caetano Veloso, Orfeu is an empty spectacle, largely due to the wooden performances by the beautiful but uncharismatic leads.’
    • ‘They are scientific rationalists, and thus for Americans already graceless and uncharismatic.’
    • ‘Here, she sacrifices this trait, and the result is a flat and uncharismatic performance.’