Meaning of uncharitableness in English:



See uncharitable

‘I am aware of the weakness of democracy, of its occasional stupidities and shallowness, its temptation to prefer the rabble-rousing spell binder, its habit of giving way to envy, hatred, malice and all uncharitableness.’
  • ‘To give but one example, the kind of talk in which most of us indulge is morally evil and spiritually dangerous, for most of what we say is inspired by greed, sensuality, self-love, malice, uncharitableness or pure imbecility.’
  • ‘Perhaps envy, malice and ‘all uncharitableness’ show up more vividly in an organisation committed to brotherly love.’
  • ‘It shows how much hatred, malice, and uncharitableness there lies behind the complaints of many anti-motorists.’
  • ‘I do not rejoice at your extraordinary and outrageous peregrinations because I am envious - jealous - and extremely full of all uncharitableness.’