Meaning of unchastely in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈtʃeɪstli/


See unchaste

‘So the King soon knew what Ulfeldt described as glaringly bad in the letter from Dover: that our children in Rome are shouting unchastely for money.’
  • ‘There are people within the Catholic Church who might argue that those who label themselves ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ aren't necessarily living unchastely.’
  • ‘The Duke's power over Sylvia and lack of concern for her wishes means that she must live unhappily or behave unchastely.’
  • ‘They ‘live in Concubinage - swopping their Wivesas Cattle, and living in a State of Nature, more irregularly and unchastely than the Indians,’ wrote an observer in the South nearly 200 years ago.’
  • ‘Those who looked chastely upon women heard the song as something harmonious and sweet; but those who looked unchastely upon women heard it as inharmonious and sad.’