Meaning of unchurched in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈtʃəːtʃt/


  • Not belonging to or connected with a Church.

    ‘we try to present the gospel to the city's unchurched youth in a form they understand’
    • ‘Baptist women worked to bring the gospel and the church to unchurched war workers.’
    • ‘Between 1765 and 1774, these early Virginia Baptists made active church members out of numerous unchurched people, something that the Anglican establishment had failed to do.’
    • ‘What would happen if we didn't just wait for unchurched people to come to church?’
    • ‘Even an unchurched skeptic like me can see there's selective reporting in hand.’
    • ‘Benevolent societies provided religious schooling to impoverished children, Bibles to their unchurched fathers, and sewing to their underemployed mothers.’
    • ‘As narrator we have not a rootless and unchurched young woman but an elderly Congregationalist minister who has lived all his life in the same parsonage in the town of Gilead, Iowa.’
    • ‘One question I ask after 23 years in ministry is how long it takes for an unchurched person committing his or her life to Christ to develop the habit of giving to the ministry?’
    • ‘In the West, Presbyterians, Methodists, and Baptists employed revival meetings to evangelize unchurched frontier families.’
    • ‘In doing this, it takes a brick out of the wall of many young and unchurched women's resistance to the very idea of Christian liturgy.’
    • ‘He appeals to both unchurched sophisticates and conservative Christians.’
    • ‘They do not use any conventional Christian symbolism that might be a barrier to unchurched newcomers.’
    • ‘Just to make sure Scotland's unchurched youth is listening, the vehicle will be unveiled and sent on its national tour by Cameron Stout, the famously celibate 2003 winner of Big Brother.’
    • ‘Even so, the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ shone then into the hearts of the unchurched multitudes.’
    • ‘Lyberg says a core of about 25 unchurched people come weekly to ‘share their lives and sense of faith.’’
    • ‘Can we find ways to make that tradition accessible to unchurched people who may be seeking spiritually, but do not find the megachurch model compelling?’
    • ‘Many individual strands of medical research come together to explain the long-established epidemiological finding that churched people live longer, healthier lives than unchurched people.’
    • ‘The primary question Warren asks as he prepares to preach to ‘seekers’ is: ‘Would this message make sense to a totally unchurched person?’’
    • ‘But last winter, after spending two years listening to unchurched Americans, the UCC came up with an ad campaign.’
    • ‘Christians who see unchurched or underchurched family members, friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers as fuel for an eternal barbecue have a potent motivation for sharing their faith.’
    • ‘Many unchurched Americans' value systems are derived from civil religion that is concerned only for America's perceived well-being or pop culture that glorifies greed.’